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Frequently Asked Questions - Registration
How do I register my child for a Young Eagles flight?
There is no need to call for pre-registration, simply show up to an event and go to the registration table. You will be provided with a short registration form. Once the form has been completed your child's name will be provided to our dispatch team which match Young Eagles to pilots.
If my child has already taken a Young Eagles flight in the past can they participate in another Young Eagles flight?
Yes, your child may sign up for one flight each month we hold a rally.
Do I need to register my child if he/she has completed a Young Eagles flight in the past?
Yes, your child must register each time they will take a Young Eagles flight.
What will happen to the registration form after the flight?
The registration form is submitted to the national EAA Young Eagles office, where the flight will be officially registered in the World's Largest Logbook (a link is available at the bottom of this page). At the same time, EAA understands that privacy is important. Only basic information is displayed on the web and your address and phone number will never become part of the public database.
How old must my child be to participate in the Young Eagles Program?
Between 8 and 17 years old.
Milestones in Flight
On June 25, 2014 EAA Chapter 579 reached a major milestone when it reached the 16,000th Young Eagle flown by the chapter. The chapter has taught students about general aviation for 24 years, including the 22 years since the start of the Young Eagles program. Chapter 579 has also flown more Young Eagles than any other EAA chapter.
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World's Largest Logbook
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