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Frequently Asked Questions - Pre Flight
Why do the pilots walk around the airplane before they get in?
Pilot's usually conduct a pre-flight visual inspection of thier aircraft before every flight. During this inspection the pilot may discuss with the Young Eagle the various parts of the airplane and how they control the plane in flight.
What is happening once the doors of the plane close?
The pilot will conduct a safety briefing and ensure that the Young Eagle's seat belt is secure. The pilot will typically go through a checklist, start the engine and contact the control tower to get instructions to taxi the aircraft to the runway.
Is it ok for the Young Eagle to ask the pillot questions during the pre flight?
Yes. The pillot will be happy to answer questions during this phase but will need to focus on the instructions of the control tower so there may be times when the pilot asks for quiet for a moment or two.
Milestones in Flight
On June 25, 2014 EAA Chapter 579 reached a major milestone when it reached the 16,000th Young Eagle flown by the chapter. The chapter has taught students about general aviation for 24 years, including the 22 years since the start of the Young Eagles program. Chapter 579 has also flown more Young Eagles than any other EAA chapter.
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World's Largest Logbook
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