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Frequently Asked Questions - Flight
Who are the pilots?
The pilots are local EAA members who are volunteering their time and aircraft to introduce kids to aviation.
How do they decide which direction to fly?
Aurora Airport has 3 runways. The control tower advises which runway the pilots should use. Usually we use the runway that is most closely aligned with the direction the wind is coming from.
Once the planes take off, where do they go?
To enhance safety we have established flight patterns that all pilots will follow and that the air traffic controllers are aware of. There is a different flight pattern established for each runway. direction.
How long are the flights?
The flight time is typically about 15-20 minutes however the actual time may be longer due to ground delays, extended taxi time to certain runways, air traffic control instructions, or other factors.
Milestones in Flight
On June 25, 2014 EAA Chapter 579 reached a major milestone when it reached the 16,000th Young Eagle flown by the chapter. The chapter has taught students about general aviation for 24 years, including the 22 years since the start of the Young Eagles program. Chapter 579 has also flown more Young Eagles than any other EAA chapter.
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World's Largest Logbook
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