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Frequently Asked Questions - Post Flight
What happens after the flights?
Once the plane comes to a stop a Flight Line Operations volunteer will assist the Young Eagle out of the plane while the pilot completes shutting down the plane. The pilots will join the Young Eagle, take a photograph and return to the registration area to sign a logbook that the Young Eagle can keep
Where can I find a copy of the photos that were taken after the flight?
The photos will be posted to EAA 579s Facebook page a day or two after the rally.
Milestones in Flight
On June 25, 2014 EAA Chapter 579 reached a major milestone when it reached the 16,000th Young Eagle flown by the chapter. The chapter has taught students about general aviation for 24 years, including the 22 years since the start of the Young Eagles program. Chapter 579 has also flown more Young Eagles than any other EAA chapter.
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World's Largest Logbook
The log book has information on how to sign up for a free EAA student membership and a free aviation ground school. Once a Young Eagle passes the FAA written test, the cost of the test will be reimbursed and a voucher will be issued for 1 hour of flight training.
What are the next steps to follow if the Young Eagle is interested in further pursuing Aviation?
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